Intel Stopping MeeGo Development?

MeeGo has a ton of promise, as demonstrated with the ogling and ink spilled over the Nokia N9, which really looks spectacular.

Too bad it won’t ever reach the US.

Now there’s a rumor floating around that Intel might suspend its MeeGo development.

I hope this one isn’t true.

Intel reportedly plans to back off MeeGo OS (h/t TechCrunch)

Sure, MeeGo is open source, but losing its second major supporter (Nokia was first) can’t be a good thing.

Combined with the shaky future of webOS and reports that WP 7 is losing market share, which seems like a rounding error given how small its share is anyway, the range of mobile OS choices available to consumers is shrinking fast.

Only two ponies remain in this race (Android and iOS if you’re keeping score and no, I’m not forgetting BlackBerry) which doesn’t bode well for consumers or innovation.

Apple does a fine job of innovating on their own, but at least having other minds on the problem gave them some fodder, e.g. the notifications update coming in iOS 5.

MeeGo and webOS are full of innovative details that will be lost if they are shuttered.

Not good.



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