The LunaTik Pen, Stylus and, Well, Pen

Apparently, I’m not alone in thinking that tablets would be a whole lot more usable and useful with a good stylus, and it’s always good to have a pen. So, why not combine the two into something awesome?

Check out the LunaTik Pen, straight from the minds of the designer who created the TikTok iPod Nano watch that took Kickstter by storm last year.

Like the TikTok, the LunaTik Pen is also getting its start as a Kickstarter project.

LunaTik Touch Pen from MINIMAL on Vimeo.

Anyone who’s tried to design, draw or take notes on tablet knows this; using your finger just won’t cut it for these tasks. I’m still a fan of drawing an idea out on paper too, so the fact that this is both stylus and pen is pure awesome.


It’s great to see successful project owners returning to Kickstarter with their new ideas. I really hope this one makes it to production, soon.



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