Home Stretch: GSummit, Kscope and jQuery Con

The next couple weeks will be hectic, as I’m attending the GSummit, speaking with Noel (@noelportugal) at Kscope (@odtug, #kscope12) and attending jQCon.

Thankfully, I should get a break from travel until the Fall. Here’s the skinny on each event, in case you care.

GSummit, June 19-21
The G stands for gamification, which may or may not be why it’s usually shortened to GSummit. Long-time readers may recognize that I’ve been interested in the application of game mechanics to software for several years, and recently, interest and experience has drawn me to events like the Apps UX Gamification Design Jam (@gamifyoracle).

Incidentally, I believe Erika Webb (@erikanollwebb) the brains behind that Apps UX event will be presenting during the event, if memory serves, during the workshop day on June 19. I think she’ll be going over that very event, the game design and lessons learned.

Also noteworthy, Chamillionaire (@chamillionaire) will be there. You can thank him for making Weird Al’s (@alyankovic) ever-enjoyable geeky anthem, White & Nerdy, possible.

The only question
I ever thought was hard.
Was do I like Kirk?
Or do I like Picard?

Anyway, I’m not sure what to expect from this conference. It’s early enough in the adoption cycle for this to be like Web Expo 2.0 was in 2006, but then again, you never know.

Kscope, June 24-28
Of all the major Oracle conferences held in the US, this is the one I’ve never attended, and I’ve been told by Friends of the ‘Lab Christina Kolotouros (@chriskolorcl), Chet (@oraclenerd) and others that it’s awesome.

Noel and I will be presenting in the highly desirable Monday at 4:15 PM spot, right before everyone passes out from a long day in sessions and wants to go eat, drink and otherwise be merry. I guess it’s better than first thing in the morning after that evening of merriment.

Anyway, we’re up for the challenge and plan to bring something fun to keep everyone awake, if not interested.

Spoiler alert, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots are involved. Oh, and monkeys.

The latter will be obvious for those who have seen our fearless leader, Christian Finn (@cfinn) speak.

For those who actually care about the content, we’ll be chatting about WebCenter’s (@oraclewebcenter) various RESTful APIs and all the cool stuff you can do with them.

I’m looking forward to Kscope, which is in a city I’ve never visited, San Antonio, Texas. So, two firsts for me. The organizers at ODTUG (@odtug), have also wrangled me (ha, unintentional cowboy pun) into volunteering for something at the Sunday evening welcome reception. If this turns out to be anything like what the IOUG (@ioug) WebCenter SIG lads did at Collaborate, i.e. togas, I may not be welcomed back to San Antonio.

As with any big Oracle show, I’ll be stoked to reunite with old Oracle friends and meet new ones. So, this one will be fun.

JQuery Conference, June 28-29
Finally, Noel and I will depart Kscope a bit early to attend jQCon, even though they did not accept our session submission. We’re not mad.

I don’t know about Noel, but my primary interest for jQCon is jQuery Mobile, which we’ve dabbled with since its pre-alpha days. Plus, it’s always interesting to attend web developer conferences to get perspective on what consumer developers care about, especially in contrast to enterprise developers.

Having back-to-back conferences with each audience will provide us with a very interesting juxtaposition.

Although, given how much the enterprise development landscape has changed over the past five years, I won’t be surprised if there are more similarities than expected.

So, that’s my schedule for the next couple weeks. If you’re attending any of these events and want to meet up, find the comments of find me on Twitter, @jkuramot. It’s always great to meet in meat space.

Expect silence here for a while, assuming you care.



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