If You Could Advise Your Future Self . . .

From the what-if department comes an interesting question: what field would you study and pursue if you could travel back in time? Would you follow the same route, make minor changes, or make a radical change?

I enjoy technology and building software quite a lot, but over the past half decade or so, I’ve been drawn to industrial design, which probably explains my interest in topics like 3D Printing and Internet of Things.

Happily, industrial design, includes a lot of technology considerations these days, e.g. Toyota Doko, a dashboard redesign proposal for a Prius.

So if I could travel back in time 20 years, I’d focus younger me on a nice balance of industrial design and computer science. Incidentally, I dabbled in both disciplines in college, quite a bit of computer science, less design, but not until my junior and senior years, too late to change majors and hope to graduate in time. I guess I was on the right path instinctively.

Or maybe I already traveled back in time from future, but was limited by technology and didn’t go back far enough. Spooky.

Anyway, if you could really fire up the DeLorean and give your younger self career advice, what would it be?

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  1. Wouldn’t change a thing – all worked out for the best. My younger self wouldn’t have believed me anyway – he thought he was going to have a totally different career path.

  2. Nice. I tend to agree that my younger self would be skeptical, not that I had a career path in mind, just kinda ornery by nature 🙂

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