OTN Latin America Tour 2012 (North Zone)

Editor’s Note: Here are Noel’s (@noelportugal) adventures on the OTN Latin America Tour reposted from the WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog. Enjoy.

I was very fortunate to meet Patañjali Venkatacharya during Kscope 2012 in San Antonio. He is a Chief Evangelist & Architect from the Application User Experience Team. Patañjali’s session highlighted all the work his team has done to make Fusion Applications built upon User Experience (UX) rather than just a pretty User Interface (UI).

He talked about the importance of WebCenter as the foundation for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Fusion Applications to deliver a next-generation user experience. He also showed how the Oracle Social Network helps bring to full circle the UX paradigm. After chatting with him we realized that we could team up and I could explain more how WebCenter products (especially Portal and OSN) help Fusion Applications deliver the next-generation user experience.

He then invited me to co-present with him during his sessions at the OTN Latin America Tour 2012. I was only able to attend the first two locations, Cali Colombia and Quito Ecuador. I was very impressed by the great Oracle User Group communities these two countries have.

I demoed the Oracle Social Network iPad app and the attendees were delighted to see what Oracle has done in terms of collaboration around Social Objects. Of the total online population in Latin America, 96% are engaged in social networks according to a 2011 study by comScore. The adoption of collaboration tools such as OSN in the workplace is natural. Overall I was very happy to answer the numerous question around WebCenter products and their role as User Engagement platforms. I especially enjoyed the fact that I got to use my native language, which is Spanish.

The good news is that I will be joining the South Zone tour (Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, Peru, Chile) in August. So if you are reading this from one of these countries be sure to attend our sessions!


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