NWOUG 2012 Conference

While Noel (@noelportugal) is off exploring South America on the OTN Latin America Tour, I too had a conference, just across the river, the annual conference of the Northwest Oracle Users Group (NWOUG), here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

NWOUG represents Oracle users in Washington and Oregon, with some members hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Idaho and Montana. Good friend of the ‘Lab, Eddie Awad (@eddieawad) served on the board a few years back and was speaking at this year’s show, which is the only reason I knew about the conference at all.

I guess Facebook has a purpose after all.

Eddie’s session, See How Easily You Can Improve Performance by Using These Five Data Caching Techniques packed the rather small room provided for the technical track. If you’re interested in his slides and scripts, check out his blog.

The show attracted about 140 people in total, a strong showing, and the attendees were predominantly Applications users and DBAs. Fusion Middleware (and WebCenter) were barely represented, only making it into a couple talks about Fusion Applications.

So, I spent a lot of time introducing WebCenter to people and clearing up some misconceptions. The good news is that interest is building, and I’m happy to meet that demand.

Maybe it wasn’t like Noel’s adventures in Argentina but it was a beautiful Monday in the Rose City. And believe me, I’m glad I could attend a conference and not travel, for once.

Stay tuned for more on the OTN Latin America Tour from Noel, and fingers crossed, a technical post about the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots.



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