Details on the Oracle Social Network + APEX Integration

Dimitri Gielis (@dgielis), who, along with Martin D’Souza (@martindsouza), won the Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge we ran at OpenWorld, has detailed the integration he and Martin built between Oracle Social Network and Oracle Applications Express, a.k.a. APEX.

Check out his post for more and see his code on GitHub if you’re so inclined.

After the Challenge ended, Jason Straub, of the APEX development team, worked with Dimitri to clarify a few questions about the use of the APEX_WEB_SERVICE API.

So if you’re an APEX developer, when Oracle Social Network is generally available, you’ll already have a working example of how to integrate your APEX web apps. Dimitri has also been playing around with his new Oracle Database Cloud account and APEX. If you’re into Oracle’s cloud offerings, sign up today at to kick the tires.

Good times.




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