How to Make Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Smart Target

Our maker extraordinaire, Noel (@noelportugal), has posted an Instructables on how he made the Flying Monkey Smart Target we showed at OpenWorld 2012 during the Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge.

So if you want to make your very own smart target or are just curious, check it out, and he also produced a short video of his handiwork in action, stitching together video take by Bob Rhubart (@brhubart) of OTN and the various pictures captured by the Dropcam and adding music.

If you came by the OTN Lounge during OpenWorld, look closely, and you may see yourself.

As you probably know, the target is powered by a Raspberry Pi Model B, which happily is now available with double the memory (512 MB) at the same low price of $35.

Since Oracle Social Network isn’t yet generally available, Noel’s Instructables version posts to Twitter. So, it’s fully functional and ready for use or modification. Let us know if you build one.

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  1. Love it! My eight year old also discovered how tag to remove to make the things shriek and loves those monkeys! Idea way to submit service requests IMO.

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