Raspberry Pi and Java

On the Saturday before OpenWorld, Noel (@noelportugal) attended a Raspberry Pi meetup at Noisebridge. As you may have guessed by now, Noel has become something of an evangelist for the Raspi and like any good maker, wanted to see what others have done with the little powerhouse.

On Sunday, he showed me a video of Java evangelist Simon Ritter (@speakjava) using a Raspi, coupled with some sort of headgear to control his computer.

Or something like that. It looked wicked cool in the video, and now, Simon has posted some details of what I think is that very same project.

Simon combined a MindWave with some other hacking to get the whole thing working, and it makes for a pretty sweet demonstration of the possible. Check out Simon’s post for the skinny, plus links to his NetBeans projects.

If you’re the pics or it didn’t happen type, I actually found visual evidence confirming Noel was there, wearing his ORACLENERD shirt. Chet (@oraclenerd) would be proud.

Photo by Mitch Altman, maltman23, from Flickr, used under Creative Commons

Update: Noel has provided further evidence, a picture of Simon showing off his mind control powers. Enjoy.

Photo by Noel Portugal, used with permission




  1. I’m not familiar with the MindWave, but I’m really looking forward to Simon’s next post: “I’ll explain how I connected a LEGO motor to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi
    and then used my mind to control the motor!”
    A head can presumably provide more input than a hand controlling a pointing device, or one or two fingers on a touchscreen. It will be interesting to see how far this technology has come.

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