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I found out today that my old pal Noel (@noelportugal) started a blog, focused on Web of Things, erm things, called WOTLabs. One of his first posts is about the Nike+ Fuelband and how to use its API, whose documentation apparently isn’t complete just yet.

Semi-related, can we standardize on what to call internet-connected objects? IoT used to be just fine, but now I’m hearing M2M and WoT. Confusing.

Speaking of things, Chris Muir (@chriscmuir) penned a post about how he put ADF Essentials on his latest cool thing, the Raspi. Check out his full writeup for details.

One more thing, lots of them, specifically the barometers in many Android phones, which are now being harnessed to collect distributed data that can help scientists predict severe weather. An app called PressureNet is following the tried-and-true SETI@Home model to collect barometric data from people’s phones. I love this model.

And the last thing, a nostalgic history of the original hackers, phone phreaks, great stuff.




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