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News seems to come in inverse proportion to my level of busy, e.g. SXSW is happening now. Noel (@noelportugal) is attending, so here’s to hoping he brings back some content.

Anyway, here are some stories that have caught my very limited attention lately.

Ultan (@ultan) has a nice overview of Endeca Information Discovery, including its origins. Spoiler alert, there’s beer. EID is one of those cool acquisition byproducts.

Another Applications UX post from Gozel over on VoX details the team’s upcoming trip to  OBUG Benelux Connect in Antwerp, Belgium. If you’re going, check out all the AUX activities and find time to participate.


Troy Hunt makes a compelling case for all web sites to disclose their password storage strategies, love the idea of public shaming the properties that don’t take your privacy seriously enough. Troy’s blog is a great read; he describes complex issues in easily readable ways, a difficult task.

Steelcase did some UX research and found new postures that we’ve adopted for our new devices, fascinating stuff. How many of those do you practice?

I’m a big fan of applying interdisciplinary skills to my work, and Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling are gold for anyone making anything for other people.

Speaking of interdisciplinary skills, this brief portrait of Ralph Baer, the father of video games, is strikingly inspiring and sad all at once.

Even before the SXSW Glass session, the possibilities of Google Glass started leaking out into the world. I, for one, am stoked for Glass.

Update: Forgot these concepts from JetBlue for Glass at the airport.

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  1. I enjoyed the chat with Mark about Endeca. Rocking UX, I like to explore the person and what makes them think and what interests them a bit too. Always on the lookout for interviews and articles about designers and developers that we can relate to on a personal as well as professional level.

    Totally awesome set of podcasts on iTunes from EngineYeard – Cloud Out Loud are a great source of inspiration.

  2. Dude, more links. In case you missed the world’s first tablet for women, well it was probably just as well.


    And then there’s the Fuji Smartphone coming to EMEA that myself and @debralilley did some UX work by proxy on – in Japan. Simplification with wins for all…


  3. @Ultan: Mark is an interesting guy for sure. Looking forward to beers w him. I agree in the value of the stories behind design.

    I don’t like podcasts, good or otherwise. Not my thing.

    Links appreciated, especially the ePad. We should chat about that whole thing at some point.

    Absolutely love the senior-focused smartphone, great example of UX, design and Android flexibility.

  4. Funny, but I felt that way for a long time about podcasts. i created a bunch of them around 2007-2008, but it was painful to do and to publish. Easier now. Still a lot of work and too much platespinning on the production side though I think. Still, it’s nice to dip into these formats and nostalgia from time to time!

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