Virtual Sleuthing with GeoGuessr

I don’t normally pay much attention to games, but after GeoGuessr showed up in both the Verge and, I took notice.

It’s a very simple, but difficult game. GeoGuessr drops you into a random place that Google has mapped with Street View, but without any metadata, just the images Google captured. You can navigate around, using the usual Street View controls, and the object is simple: figure out where in the World you are.

Simple, right?

Sometimes, yes. If you land in a populated area, with signs and businesses.

Untitled 2

Not so simple if you land somewhere remote, like this round, where I landed on a tiny island. You’ll notice there weren’t any controls. This island was small enough to map with one look around, no walking needed. Off to the left, there’s a helicopter, indicating how Google managed to get to this remote island.


That’s pretty much it. There are points awarded for guesses, but without leaderboards or any other traditional game mechanics, it’s just a fun test of your detective and geographic skills.




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