Our Glass Overlords Have Arrived

We ran into Floyd (@fteter) last night. His cyborg transformation is complete.


Note the serious demeanor, with Glass power comes great responsibility, or something.

Backstory, Anthony (@anthonyslai) finally got his Explorer Series Glass unit on Sunday. Funny story, its display had a few dead pixels, three actually. He counted. Google replaced the unit, so all’s well.

Anyway, Anthony has generously been allowing people to test-drive his Glasses, and boy, do they get attention. People wherever we go are curious. Noel (@noelportugal) and I each took a turn, and despite the bare feature set, they’re pretty amazing.


Anthony says he’s been wearing them non-stop since Sunday, and that he can’t live without them. Pretty strong endorsement. I know he’s been using them heavily because texts from him have the latest in gadgety signatures appended “Sent through Glass.”

Look for a post from him on his adventures soon. He and Noel are attending Google I/O this week, and I’m sure there will be lots of Glass news.




  1. Jake and Noel–

    Great meeting you IRL last night at the UX event and for the advice on Oracle Social Network. Love my new sticker, too.

    woot! my first comment!

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