Hot Oracle Applications User Experience News

Lots of news coming out of Applications UX lately, so thought I’d share it here.

Over at Misha’s (@mishavaughanVoice of User Experience blog, you can read about Simplified UI for Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud and Simplified UI for Oracle Sales Cloud. Both versions went live in September when Oracle Cloud Applications, Release 7 was released.

Longtime followers of Jeremy’s AUX team may know Simplified UI as Fuse, which I test-drove for giggles about a year ago on some Android devices and other gadgets. Just FYI, I will never refer to it as that again, for it is the name that cannot be spoken.

Also at VoX, Kathy has a Q&A with one of the partners who attended the OAUX Expo at OpenWorld. Incidentally, Anthony (@anthonyslai), Noel (@noelportugal) and I were there, showing the Leap Motion-controlled robot arms, the Google Glass Sales Cloud concept app Anthony built, and another special project that I am not at liberty to divulge.

Finally, Ultan (@ultan) has a brief roundup of an Oracle partner event held last week in Manchester, specifically focusing on Noel’s demo of Google Glass’ look and translate feature. Noel’s been busy, presenting at UKOUG Tech 13 and trotting Glass around the UK. He has posted some pictures of his travels to our Facebook page.

Maybe he’ll post them to our G+ page so everyone can see, maybe not, we’ll see.




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