More First World Problems

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which is bad. I’ve been consuming a lot of in-flight wifi, which is good, because there really should be no place on Earth where I’m unable to work.

Plus, it’s internets at 35,000 feet. How cool is that?

Today, I found myself in the throes of a decidedly first world problem. Of the many devices I carry, I couldn’t decide which one to use for the airplane wifi, which is, naturally, charged per-device.

Normally, I’d go with the tablet, since it’s a nice mix of form factors. The laptop is my preference, but I end up doing in-seat yoga to use it, not a good look.

But, horror of horrors, the tablet’s battery was only 21%. Being an Android tablet, that wouldn’t be enough to make it to my destination. I do carry a portable battery, but it won’t charge the Nexus 7 tablet, for some odd reason.

Recursive, first world problems.

I debated smartphone vs. laptop for a minute or two before I realized what an awful, self-replicating, first world problem this was. So, I made a call and immediately did what anyone would do, tweeted about it.


What has become of me.




  1. Of course if you’re in business class on Emirates etc they *give* you a tablet…

    Yoga upstairs (assuming it’s a 380).

    Noticed how it’s now easier to find a power outlet on the plane than it is in the airport itself? They’ll give the devices to all passengers and geo-fence them with pricey plans or free if you buy stuff. Captive audience, RyanAir approach..

    They used to have Galaxy Tabs in the Aer Lingus business lounge in Dublin Airport, lenders for passengers. Being the nosey type I was always amused by the browser history and bookmarks for er, … RyanAir, etc..

    Ho hum.

  2. @ultan: But if you’re doing yoga upstairs, then you’re not buying $10 shots of vodka to relax yourself. Where’s the business plan in that? I suppose you’ll live longer and thus fly more over your extended lifespan. Emirates plays the long game.

    On a more serious note, Emirates clearly is trying to differentiate on customer service. In coach class, they serve meals with metal knives and forks, not plastic. Small detail but noteworthy. Makes you feel like a human being. Food was good too.

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