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Tweaking WebCenter

We joined the WebCenter development team back in late September of last year, and since then, one of our major projects has been redesigning the internal WebCenter 11g instance used by employees. I’m happy to report that our first round of changes went live on Monday. More on that in a minute. Coincidentally, the latest… Read More

More WebCenter Goodness

Yesterday, Vince posted the third installment in his “What is WebCenter” series, and as promised, he dives into the design points with more detail. After reading all three parts, it should be clearer that WebCenter is a lot of things and is therefore, difficult to describe in a terse manner. To date, we’ve been working… Read More

Join the EBS Challenge

About a month ago, I mentioned John P’s install EBS posts over at ORACLENERD. A few other people have decided to follow along for giggles, prompting Chet (@oraclenerd) to declare a formal “EBS Challenge“. So far, here’s who’s participating: Chet Ted Simpson [blog|twitter] Marcin Przepiorowski [blog|twitter] Floyd Teter [blog|twitter] Interested in joining? Feel free, and… Read More

Goodbye 2009

With 2009 winding down quickly, I’m pleased to present you with that good old blogging tradition–the year-end wrap post. 2009 was an eventful year for us. Mostly noteworthy: we joined the WebCenter development team to work on the internal rollout of WebCenter 11g, validating our work on Connect and Mix and minting us as a… Read More

Foursquare for the Holidays

Happy holidays everyone. I got you a heat map. Do you like it? I’m technically on vacation this week, but I cannot take a vacation from the Interwebs. While browsing feeds yesterday, I saw this post from Gizmodo titled “Foursquare, As Seen by the Predator”. My crush on foursquare is well-documented, and I’ve always liked… Read More