The Problem with Enteprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is Web 2.0 for companies. Some have called it “Consumerprise”, but whatever your term, you get the idea – applying successful concepts from the consumer web to companies. This type of thinking is the driving force behind any start-up that defines itself as “DIGG for the Enterprise” or similar. The more I see… Read More

McKinsey on 2.0

In a recent McKinsey study, most organizations (63%) are currently investing in Web Services. Interestingly enough, very few of these same companies (4%) saw Mashups as something they were investing in:

Managing your team in a 2.0 world

Our team spends quite a bit of time around plans, schedules and status. This is mainly a big company problem, but every organization I have worked in needs more rigor around their work. The typical lifecycle of project management is as follows: BIG BANG –> BEATINGS –> WHIMPERING DEATH Let me explain. Every project starts… Read More

Simple: It’s not about the UI

Having spent the last three days at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, I have seen a lot of companies. There are some great ideas and some rather foolish ones, but what has struck me is the power of simplicity. I am not talking about simplicity in the usual context of User Experience (UI).… Read More


As I mentioned, I was at the Under the Radar Conference a few weeks back. At that time, it became obvious that Twitter is a phenomenom. The real question is, why? Twitter is a simple app where you answer the question “what are you doing?”. It ends up being a log of your life tracked… Read More


I was reading Scobelizer today and saw a post on some recent threats made against a female blogger. It’s strange how something so wonderful like the Internet can be used in such terrible ways. I found it sad and dehumanizing. I certainly hope the individuals who are involved come to their senses and realize that… Read More