Amazon Echo, The Future or Fad?

Update: I now “hacked” the API to control Hue Lights and initiate a phone call with Twilio.  Check here Last November Amazon announced a new kind of device. Part speaker, part personal assistant and it called it Amazon Echo. If you saw the announcement you might have also see their quirky infomercial. The parodies came… Read More

Ask Google?

Remember when Ask Jeeves launched? The premise was simple. Instead of munging your search into keywords and hoping for the right result set, all you had to do was ask Jeeves a real question. If you remember that, you’ll also remember that it didn’t work very well. Google just announced they have indexed public data… Read More

Separated at Birth?

While answering comments today, a separated at birth popped into my head for Google Chrome, the HAL 9000. The Chrome logo is also very reminiscent of eyes the CG Transformers have in last year’s live-action movie. I don’t recall that Skynet had a logo, but I’m sure it would be the type of shiny eye… Read More