Twitter is Your Friend

Insert Twitter post disclaimer here. I’ve noticed a humorous trend that you can use for a laugh. People like to rant at Twitter, just check out twistori’s hate feed for samples. The beauty part of Twitter and its many clients is that it provides easy outlet for your frustration. Can’t get a piece of software… Read More

Discussing Disqus

If you’ve read and commented here in the past, you’ll have noticed we switched to Disqus to handle comments about two months ago. Rich made the change, and I was initially skeptical because frankly I had no real idea of what switching would get us. Disqus has a few distinct advantages over the built-in WordPress… Read More

Great Customer Service

Ok, this post may not be what you expect from our blog, but I had to share two great examples of excellent customer service that I experienced recently.  It is my opinion that excellent service is ever important in this time of low switching costs and doing it right has approximately zero marginal cost. Example… Read More