Halloween is upon us!


All this talk about social software and swimming pools is making me crazy. We need more stupid pet postings on this blog. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but today is Friday and it’s time to lighten it up a bit.

I was looking through the numerous junk mail catalogs we got yesterday and it dawned on me that we’re getting them because the holidays are around the corner — and it all starts with Halloween! I’m not a big Halloween fan, but this year that may all change because of this. All the fuss over lolcats is over-rated. Everyone knows that dogs are superior pets. Show me a cat in a Princess Leia or Darth Vader costume… that would just look silly.

What are you or your pet going to be this Halloween?

Update: My wife probably wouldn’t appreciate it if I dressed our dog Truman in a Princess Leia costume — even though it’s fitting. Truman has no manly qualities (even though he is a male). He gets humped by most female dogs (I suppose that’s not a bad thing) and is afraid of cats.

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