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twitcsi.pngThis post from Mashable got me thinking about something that’s eaten at me ever since I got into tech many moons ago. Watch the clip from “CSI”, observe the Twitter plug, chuckle at the pithy dialog.

Some people just don’t value privacy.
They don’t expect privacy; they value openness.

The best part, aside from wondering if Drummerboy19 and TorchX are also stalking me, is the canned robotic beeps that windows make in TV land.

Normally, this would be the part where I laugh and try to draw my wife into the following discussion. Who signed off on this techno-crap, and does anyone believe this? Of course, like my classic Superman or Batman question, she would artfully dodge and remind me what a tool I am. Batman, if you’re wondering.

Technology in movies and TV has always been a little suspect, remember the virus that Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum gave the alien mother ship in “Independence Day”? Or the entire movie “Hackers”? Yeah, I watched it. I remember “Wargames” seeming a little off, but looking back, it wasn’t so bad. I really like the show “Chuck”, but it has some questionable dialog from presumed uber geeks, like the nerd herders are supposed to be. The list goes on and on, mostly because I watch too much TV and see too many movies. Oh, and I’m a tool.

Production companies routinely hire consultants for police or medical shows. Do they hire geeks? If so, get a refund. If not, why not? Computers and interwebs are mainstays of daily lives, so regular people (mostly from Gen Y) can assess the verisimilitude of shows. So, is it not important to get it right? Or do they just want get it close enough?

Or am I picking nits? Do people with a certain skill assess how real their professions are portrayed on film? I’ve sat with doctors who pick apart medical shows, so I know some people do.

Not by accident, there is a kiraEDGE on Twitter, first tweet is:

They don’t expect privacy, they value openness. – The writers for tonights episode came up with an amazing quote.

Whatever. Sound off in comments.



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