Geeky Distractions

woot.gifFor some reason, every day this week has felt like Friday. Did anyone notice the either of the following articles?

Merriam-Webster names w00t word of the year for 2007. Facebook came in second, which does not bode well as the Year of Facebook winds to a close. I wonder if the Project Beacon fiasco had anything to do with that. Apparently, the official dictionary types have a sense of humor. Previous winners and runners-up:

  • 2006: truthiness, google
  • 2005: integrity, refugee
  • 2004: blog, incumbent
  • 2003: democracy, quagmire

From 2003-2005, it seems like the word of the year was determined by “online lookups”, which gives a nice time capsule flashback. In 2006 and 2007, they used surveys to determine the winner, virtually ensuring a geeky word wins every year.

So, w00t! for w00t!

Another interesting distraction is this list of the 100 oldest .com domain names. Before you click over, try to guess any one in the top ten and guess the year of the first DNS registration.



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