Blogging is Hard

I just realized that I’m nearly at the one year anniversary of my very first post. Interestingly, at least to me, I’ve blogged about 350 times since then.

That’s nearly one per day. Blogging is harder than it looks.

What do you think of our last year of blogging? Anything you’d like to see done differently, or content you’d like to have covered?

Sound off in comments, no guarantees, except that I’ll listen.




  1. Definitely enjoyed your blogging so far.

    I have a particular interest in social media, and how the web enables communities to form and enable interactivity. Of course, with the variety of tools out there now from Facebook to blogs, Twitter to Ning it's hard to keep up. I know you've done coverage in this area already, but I especially enjoy the posts that shares the developments in this area.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Since you are the only respondent, I will make sure to keep blogging in those areas you like. Good news, I like those topics too.

  3. I've tried setting up my own blog to document my software project and have yet to post anything after its initial April creation. Jake, do you ever get apprehensive that something you are about to post may have already been covered better or more completely on someone elses blog? That fear keeps me from updating.

    Funny thing is, after typing this I just realized I have something unique to add to my blog.

  4. I started out worrying about that, but after I while, I realized that: 1) original thought is original thought and the distinction between better and worse is arbitrary, i.e. everyone has an opinion and 2) as long as you cite sources and are honest/transparent, some people like what you have to say, even if it's also covered elsewhere.

    The weird thing about the Intertubes is people can find you in odd ways, and if they like what you have to say, who cares if it's covered in other blogs? They read your blog to get your opinion.

  5. Hi Jake,

    Keep up the good work. I've found your Blog an essential place to keep up with all the latest Web 2.0 developments in Oracle. Really appreciate the effort you put in, even if the I haven't been good at keeping up with my reading the last few weeks. Roll on June 1st!!!

  6. Thanks for the kind words.
    We do what we can; lately, I'm falling behind on my feed reading. So, the content is a bit stale. You've not missed that much.

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