IPhone 2.0 Lands

Earlier today, Gizmodo leaked the iPhone 2.0 firmware. This update, in conjunction with the iTunes 7.7 release that revealed the long anticipated App Store have allowed me to install apps on my lowly, outmoded iPhone 2G.

I’m now reveling in the geeky pleasure of controlling my iTunes library from my iPhone, using the free Remote app. Look kids, a $500 remote control.

Anyway, I saw the leak earlier today, but I’m both really sick and hesitant to mess with stuff that’s working, especially critical stuff like my cell phone. So, I rested instead.

After rest and medication, I crawled over to Twitter and saw that Eddie had successfully installed the 2.0 firmware. Sweet, a success story. This was all the motivation I needed. Eddie showed off a few screen captures, a new feature in 2.0, to prove it.

Armed with Eddie’s success and newfound, medicated confidence, I downloaded and installed the update. It took about half an hour all together, including several reboots. Caution: sync first because it wipes your phone. Eddie said he had to run the update twice, but mine worked on the first try.

Your results may vary.

I installed a few apps, after first changing my iTunes preferences to list Applications. The process is pretty easy. Twitterific looks good on the iPhone, just like it does on the Mac. I still miss the features of Twhirl though. Several of the apps asked to use my location, which is awesome because it unlocks the potential of geolocation and Interwebs. Exciting stuff, even if it’s not GPS.

I haven’t installed the Oracle Business Indicators app, but if someone points me to a working instance of BI, I’m happy to take it for a drive.

I haven’t been able to get the VPN working, but I guess that’s a problem with early adoption. All in all, the apps are pretty average so far, nothing really outstanding. I’m thinking a jailbreak still brings better apps, since they can operate at the system level and stay running when not in focus. Case in point, I have to keep going back to Remote to skip around iTunes, and each time, it has to find my wi-fi again.

It’s worth noting that the 2.0 firmware was unlocked hours after Gizmodo leaked it, and probably a day before the official 2.0 update is pushed from Apple.

If you’re wondering, I have no interest in a 3G iPhone, even if you gave me one.

So, what are your iPhone thoughts? Are you waiting in line? Did you install the leaked update? Are you steering clear still? Sound off in comments.




  1. I would love to see a screenshot or 2 of Oracle Business Indicators and I have a server with OBI but it is behind the wall so based on your VPN comments I doubt it will work. If you get some screenshots please post them.

  2. Yeah, the VPN thing requires a cert, so maybe I'll get that next week. Didn't the announcement include some captures?

  3. Thanks for the link, I hate iTunes so I don't have it installed. The picture on the blog is good enough for now though I hope to see it in action one day.

  4. Ah, so your curiosity is only to see the app in action. I guess I assumed you had a locked iPhone.

  5. I'll be trying to get Oracle Business Indicators working next week, will need to be inside the firewall I think. I'm hoping that an offer of a free Curry to one of my team if he can hook me up to his BI instance will do the trick…

  6. Finding an instance isn't the hard part, it's getting on the network through VPN or the corporate wi-fi, that's the rub right now. I'm hoping to get the VPN cert next week. We'll see how that goes.

  7. I tried an instance that is open on the Internet but still did not work
    tried MFG/WELCOME for user name/password
    I think it needs sone server side configurations

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