Qwitter Points out How Boring You Are

If you don’t use Twitter, proceed at your own risk of boredom.

If you’ve used Twitter for a while, specifically the web interface, you may have noticed you followers count fluctuates without any rhyme or reason. Well wonder no more.

I read about Qwitter in Mashable last week; it’s a very simple service that notifies you when any of your Twitter followers dumps you and the tweet that prompted him/her/it to do so.

Or at least the last tweet before the unfollow, the assumption is that particular tweet may have caused the unfollow, e.g. it was offensive, disagreeable, boring. Signing up for Qwitter was oddly quiet and easy, just enter your handle and email. Quiet because it didn’t send any confirmation bacn or otherwise alert me that it was good to go.

Until last night when I got my first Qwitters.

Two people unfollowed after I tweeted “@oraclenerd no, but you could do that yourself, it’s not redistribution”.

That was in reply to his tweet asking if I knew anyone at MLB or NFL. As with most of Twitter, it was ad hoc communication, not content. Turns out I don’t know either of the people who unfollowed, one looked like a brand new tweeter.

I can sometimes tell from a person’s list of followers how he/she/it came to follow me, not so much with these two. Anyway, it’s a mildly useful service, depending on how much you care about unfollows. Like Summize, it fills  fills a gap in Twitter’s functionality, one that may eventually attract an acquisition.

Incidentally, Qwitter is also the name of a Twitter-based service that helps you quit smoking. It’s a Twitterful world.




  1. I guess its tough sometimes if you only follow one half of a conversation. You two were into a long conversation yesterday, that I got to see both sides of so it was OK. Don't panic dude I'll still follow/stalk you … :0)

  2. You weren't listed as a Qwitter. I didn't recognize either of the two who bailed. Now I'm wondering if it's legit at all.

  3. You're going to make me famous or something! 😉

    I have qwitter'd a couple of times due to “excessive” tweets. It certainly wasn't personal as I liked them…fortunately they had blogs so I could still follow them there. I like my 20 that show up with a mix of people…I no like clicking on “older.” Though I'm in quick danger of becoming one of those “excessive” people.

  4. Yeah Chet, shut up with your constant twittering! Bloody, Rays this, Rays that, anyone would think they were in the World Series 🙂

  5. I can barely keep up with Twitter as it is, mostly just tracking @ replies, since Twitter is 90% communication tool for me. The other 10% varies wildly, so I can understand why people would qwit.

    People use Twitter for different things, and their usage evolves over time and number of followers. That makes it fun, I guess.

  6. Yeah … well ..um – lets just forget this year. Might as well forget the Broncos too. Just get the snowboard out and forget it all on the slopes.

  7. tim, I guess you missed the part where I went to high school in colorado (overland to be exact). I love the rockies…I was at the game Larry Walker broke his shoulder in '96. I remember the awesome commercial of him and Dante Bichette with the ball floating in the air (what altitude?).

    Sports fans there are true sports fans. I love 'em. I also loved rooting for anyone but the Broncos in the late '80s.

    That said…Go Rays!

  8. Too bad Qwitter can't count how many readers we've lost b/c of this baseball exchange 🙂

    It has been nice to have underdogs to root for the last two years. Please don't mention the Broncos here again. kthxbi

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