It’s Thanksgiving here in the States. So, if you’re celebrating, have a good one. If you’re not, be glad we’re not at work today and enjoy the silence.

I debated whether to do a thank you post, since it’s cliché and done to death.

Well, add another thank you post to the torrent. Here goes:

Thanks for reading here.

Now for a list of ten, random, geeky things for which I am thankful.

  1. Google Reader
  2. TiVo
  3. Twitter API
  4. Digital music
  5. YouTube, now in HD
  6. TV programs online (studios, Hulu, Joost and now Sling)
  7. Open Source software
  8. Updates from THE_REAL_SHAQ
  9. Social networks, for making the World smaller
  10. Dual monitors, KVM switches

Here’s one of my favorite videos from YouTube, Where the Hell is Matt?

For a treat, click-through and watch the HD version. That option isn’t part of the Flash viewer, and now, I’m wondering if you can embed HD videos. Anyone know?

Feel free to add your thoughts and thanks in the comments, and enjoy the day.




  1. That's a wonderful video! I've never seen it before. Very uplifting…
    Hope you have a good thanksgiving.

  2. Yeah, I like that one too. Apparently, he's been dancing around the world for quite some time. Thanks for the wishes and hope you enjoyed the day too. I seem to remember you being in the UK, but hey, at least we were quiet for a day.

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