Perfect for a Friday: Spreadtweet

Many of us work for a large company that may or may not condone the use of Twitter at work.

You probably spend a third of your day a work though. So, how can you keep up with @oprah, @THE_REA_SHAQ and all your other Twitter friends?

Tweet with Spreadtweet (h/t Silicon Alley Insider), the Twitter client that looks exactly like Excel.

@theappslab navel-gazing search on Spreadtweet

Elliott Kember, its designer, provides several versions to match your Excel flavor, Office OS X, Office 2003 for Win and Office 2007 for Win, all built with Adobe AIR. Plus, he even has a web version, which uses Twitter’s implementation of OAuth. That might not be working right now, but I heard somewhere, can’t find where, that OAuth is working again.

Anyway, test this out for your workweek next week.



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