What Is This?

Image by my lovely wife used with permission, I hope.

Image by my lovely wife used with permission, I hope.

If you read Gizmodo, you’re familiar with their “What Is This?” post series.

Basically, they post cool images of weird stuff and ask “What Is This”, simple right?

Here’s an example. I’m a compulsive scanner, so I rarely read the posts, but it looks like they identify the subject in the same post.

That doesn’t seem as fun as asking for comments first, then revealing. So, let’s do that.

It’s almost Friday here, so I figure why waste any brainpower on a thoughtful post that won’t get read. I learned that last Friday, or maybe you all just don’t care about enterprise/private clouds.

Anyway, everyone likes pretty pictures, right?

So, what is this? Tell me in comments.

If you like this series, send me your images by email, and we’ll make it regular. But please no pr0n, inappropriate or restricted license crap. Use your work filter.

Update: Not terribly popular, except maybe with Billy and his, erm active, imagination. Love the guesses. John is correct. It’s beads of rain water on top of an oil slick reflecting light. You can make out my wife’s silhouette in the water beads.

Good stuff. If you want to play more, send me images.




  1. Burning Man “chromasphere” community, as seen from the International Space Station. (I didn't know you were married to an astronaut).

  2. It's a reference to a YouTube video that sparked a lot of debate for recording a child affected by drugs after dental surgery. Having recorded my 11-yr-old sleep walking, I think there's no debate unless the parents were supplying the drugs to become famous.

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