Taking a Break

I always think it’s funny to see blog posts about why there hasn’t been content for a while, but I guess it makes sense. It’s tough to get readers and keep them.

I suppose since I post frequently, an absence might be noticed.

Anyway, I’m stepping away from the keyboard for a little R&R, seems like a good weekend for it, at least here in the U.S. of A.

Maybe, if you’re good, Rich or Paul will feel the urge to drop some knowledge, or maybe Matt will find some time to drop some knowledge on location or PubSubHubbub while I’m away. Apparently, I didn’t cover it thoroughly enough for him.

What the other side then Matt?

In my absence, feel free to talk among yourselves, assuming the blog can stay online. You may have noticed we’ve been a bit wonky lately. Never fear, Rich and I will get together and migrate to a new host later in the month.

So, enjoy the silence.




  1. Ah hell, now I'm getting called out publicly. Maybe I can find a bill code to put this under. I haven't filled out last quarter's TPS report yet…I'll get to it, hopefully this weekend!

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