Thanks and Good Luck Paul

Photo by Marta Pocztarska from Flickr used under Creative Commons

So, now it’s out in the open. Paul, our leader and founder, is leaving the team to jump into a great, new opportunity at Deutsch LA.

While this is obviously a great moment for him and his family, it’s melancholy for us. We love Paul and will miss his guidance and vision. We’re losing a great leader and a great friend.

Bit of a stretch about the friend part, since I’m sure he’ll stay in touch. Still, he won’t be around to chat like he has been for nearly four years.

So, what happens to the AppsLab?

Glad you asked. Operationally, we won’t see much change.

Paul is leaving us in a good spot, working with great people in WebCenter development who see value in our tinkering.

We’ll keep on trucking, doing cool projects with WebCenter that, ideally, will add value both internally and externally. One of our longest standing goals as a team is to deliver value directly to customers, and we’ll be pushing to do that with tools like the bookmarklet and Chrome extension.

There’s more on tap too, which we’ll continue to blog here and tweet (@theappslab).

I’m sad to see Paul go, and I’ll be keeping tabs on him virtually on Twitter (@ppedrazzi), Facebook, and on his personal blog.

Best of luck Paul. Thanks for building this team. We’ll miss you.



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