Programming Notes

Not surprisingly, it’s been quiet lately around the interwebs. I haven’t seen anything that seemed worthy of long form discussion in a couple days.

If you can’t get enough of us, you can read what we read by following us on Twitter @theappslab, by subscribing to our Google Reader Shared Items (mine, Rich’s), or by following us on Twitter (@anthonyslai, @rmanalan, @jkuramot).

You’ll find these feeds tend to be very similar; Rich and I push our shared items to both our own Twitter accounts and to @theappslab account. Of course, our Twitter accounts contain other musings and such in addition.

I like the curated reading approach provided by Google Reader, always have, and that aspect of Twitter is useful, albeit very difficult to extract for me anymore.

So, if you find something you think we’ll love or you find especially interesting, send it over to us via any of our contact points listed up there.

Chet (@oraclenerd) has been doing this for a while, pointing me toward interesting topics for discussion.

Also, if you’re an Oracle employee and want a bully pulpit, hit me up over email with your idea for a post. I’m hoping to get some more guest author action, e.g. Luc’s post, in the coming year to mix it up a bit.

Anyway, I’ll cook up the yearly posts next week, but it’s likely to be quiet for a bit. Enjoy the silence.




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