2010, That’s a Wrap

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I usually put a fair amount of effort into recapping the year in all things AppsLab, but this year, I don’t really feel like it.

Oh, and Rich (@rmanalan) accidentally nuked our Google Analytics data earlier in the year. No biggie, we don’t drive much traffic anyway.

One interesting note is that my post about how to take a screenshot in Android had nearly 7,000 pageviews since June. For perspective, the pageview champs from 2009 and 2008 had fewer than 4,000. The champ in 2007 had fewer than 5,000.

Lessons: mobile is white hot and how-to content drives pageviews.


Anyway, here we are again at the end of another year, and we’re still a team, minus one member anyway. Pour some out for Paul (@ppedrazzi) who left us back in July.

When we started this ride, I thought we’d be lucky to have a three-year run. However, here we are motoring along, heading into a fourth year of doing whatever it is you think we do.

But seriously, we’ve been with WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) development for more than a year now, and we’re busy cooking up cool new stuff that I hope to talk about in 2011.

Looking ahead to 2011, Rich will be speaking at COLLABORATE 11, in Orlando this coming April, and he’ll be attending SXSW February in Austin.

Although our abstract didn’t make the initial cut for KScope 11 (June in Long Beach), I’m hoping the committee will give our session another look. Please? We clean up real nice, and our fans travel.

As usual, there’s a good chance we’ll get a session at OOW 11 (October in San Francisco), and we should have a pretty interesting topic. Stay tuned.

Otherwise, we’ll be at a few conferences, attending some, possibly speaking. I’ll let you know.

Poking around in the blog administration, I noticed that I’ve posted well over 1,000 times. Rich, the number two author, has posted 104 times.

So, I’m determined to vary the content. This has never been my blog exclusively, or it wasn’t supposed to be anyway.

Don’t worry though. I’ve got a guest post lined up for right after New Year that I hope you’ll enjoy, and if you work for Oracle and want a soapbox, hit me up in the comments or by email.

That’s about it. Now, reflect fondly on the year that was and gear up for another crazy one in 2011. Haven’t decided if I’ll do a predictions post for 2011. What do you think?

Anyway, thanks for reading. Rock on.




  1. Great stuff. Enjoyed the posts on appslab this year, so a big thank you for the varied content, interesting topics, and the chance to participate. Most of all (and this is a major user experience bugbear of mine), I love the conversation style used in the posts, encouraging people to join in – nobody’s intimidated by lack of technical or domain knowledge. Here’s to 2011!

    I’ve spent the holidays catching up on some reading (http://blogs.oracle.com/userassistance/2010/12/book_reviews_art_of_community_and_eyetracking_web_usability.html) and trying out Tumblr (I like it). I’ll be interested to see if Tumblr or increased blogging (albeit of a different kind) makes your predictions for 2011!

  2. I went with Posterous a while back over Tumblr, can’t really recall why, but I like the fit between Twitter and WordPress (other blogging software). They offer more of a stream of consciousness approach in long format with media.

    Nice reading list. I’m still working through Norman’s book and Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky.

    Glad you like reading here. We like to keep it casual.

  3. I was on the KScope selection committee for Database Development and Modeling but I presume that your submission was in the Fusion Middleware category so I didn’t get a chance to vote on that one. My submission in that category on importing Identity into the database wasn’t selected either, so they’d better have a darned good line-up :^). My submission on long-lived database designs was selected – but I swear I didn’t put my thumb on the scale.

    We don’t use WebCenter here, but my sister in TX tells me that her employer just bought it, so I’m kind of curious to hear what Rich has to say. I’m not planning to go to Collaborate (this could change) but maybe at OOW.

  4. Yup, we submitted to the Fusion Middleware track. Maybe someone (ahem, Chris Muir) will give us a second change to wow everyone. The abstract could have been better frankly, so we’ll see.

    We’ll have something new to say at OOW, but you can find this year’s content by searching here. Rich and Anthony presented “WebCenter: A Web Developer’s Playground” at OOW 10.

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