We’ve All Been Here

This made me lulz. Literally. Long and loud lulzing.

From the mind of Guy Collins h/t Geekosystem.

The older I get and the more I work with real users, the more I hate myself for being such a turd. Computers are hard, but they don’t need to be. My personal mission is to make them easier.




  1. When you put a URL into the Google search it returns the link to the site, but also some commonly accessed sections of the site. I know a couple of techie guys (I will not name and shame) that always put URLs into the Google search rather than the address bar for this reason. Feels kinda stupid to me, but I see their point.

    People double-clicking on hyperlinks really bugs me. 🙂 Of course, that is more to do with the fact the user experience between the OS and the browser doesn’t match. Also, using the menu for cut & paste, but then I guess that is a safe bet when you move between Windows (ctrl+c/v), Mac (cmd+c/v) and Linux (shift+ctrl+c/v). Once again an issue caused by inconsistent user experience.

    On that subject, even within Linux, depending on app you have different shortcuts for cut and paste. How much does that suck? Lots. 🙂

    As for making computers easier. Watching my nephews (6 and 9), who are already quite handy on computers, take to the iPad makes me think the tablet “revolution” will go some way to improving the user experience for the casual users. The PC experience will never be identical, but it might “inspire” it somewhat.



  2. Using Google’s site map shortcut links is often faster than scanning the / page for the link, e.g. store locator on a retail site is never in a standard location. I’m all for that time-saver.

    You hit one of my pet peeves 🙂 It’s copy/paste. You’re better than that.

    I’m with you on the iPad, although I think it’s more a touch (vs. tablet) revolution. Touch is more intuitive than a mouse/pointing device, which in turn is more intuitive than CLI, punchcards, abacus, etc. There are some big holes in a fully touch-based system; I’m excited to see how they’re resolved.

  3. I didn’t realise I do that. 🙂 I think I always call the process cut & paste, even when I’m talking about copy/paste. How weird. I shall endeavour to continue to get it wrong just to annoy you. I’m also planning to switch from using the mouse wheel to using the scroll bars. 🙂



  4. You are not alone in that camp. I’m not really sure how cut won over copy as the verb of choice there. Maybe bc it’s shorter. Anyway, I appreciate the effort to annoy me on purpose 🙂

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