Google Forms for Surveys

This is one of those how-to/reminder posts. Consider yourself warned.

You might recall that I ran a mobile survey a few months ago, and if you took it, you probably noticed that I used Google Docs Forms, an underrated, dead simple way to create a basic web form, collect data and analyze the results.

Anyway, one giant pain was that when I tried to create a pdf of the results (on of those OS X niceties), I could only capture the first page of the data. I figured that I could use a scrolling capture tool, but even though OS X has a ton of capture tools built into the OS, scrolling capture isn’t one of them.

Rather than install some tool, I searched for the problem, and voila, there’s a fix.

So now, I have a nice handy pdf version of all the survey data.

I’m sure that will be a tip I come back to myself, and one that will help someone else. Go interwebs! Enjoy.



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