Own an Android 3.0 Device and a Mac?

Having very recently tested a Motorola Xoom, the first device to run Android’s 3.0 version, a.k.a. Honeycomb, I found this both helpful and interesting.

PSA: Own An Android 3.0 Device And A Mac? Install This

One nice feature of Android is that it allows your phone’s micro SD card to be attached to your computer as a drive. No iTunes or locked file system, although in fairness, the phone’s physical memory isn’t exposed.

Now, if you run OS X, which I do, you need a file transfer utility? Reading the FAQ reveals a couple other interesting points:

You work with this window much as if it were a Finder window: opening and closing folders, creating new folders, and dragging files to or from it and other Finder windows.

You can copy files up to 4GB onto the tablet.

Weird. “As if it were a Finder window?” “Up to 4GB?”

I might be cynical, but this feels like it’s targeting Apple.

Not good. I wonder what caused this. I suspect the details will trickle out over the next few months as more Honeycomb devices hit the market.



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