Major Update to the WebCenter Spaces iPhone App

A major update to the WebCenter Spaces iPhone app dropped today. Get the app here, or find the update in iOS if you’re already using it.

I saw a preview of this update a few months ago, and it really is a major update to the first version, which debuted back in July 2010. Congrats to the team that worked on this.

Here are the noteworthy bells and whistles:

  • Support for PS3 (Patch Set 3 – as well as PS2 (Patch Set 2 – versions of Oracle WebCenter Spaces
  • Revamped user interface including a new springboard launcher interface
  • Search for People Connections, files on your iOS device and (PS3 only) WebCenter resources on the server
  • Recent Items tracking for People, Documents, Document Folders, Group Spaces, Discussions, Topics, Lists, and visited web links
  • Clickable links in Activity Streams
  • Easy posting to your activity stream, including attachments and camera support
  • Improved status update interface in your user profile
  • Improved support for adding/updating your Connections with the native iOS Contacts app
  • Links to each person’s Manager and Reports, if available
  • People Connection Lists to view your Connections more efficiently
  • Recommended People Connections via Activity Graph, a new feature in PS3
  • Local file system support and support for iOS 4.x “Open In…” feature
  • Personal Documents support, both public and private, including the ability to upload, download, and delete
  • Printing of documents and web sites via AirPrint
  • Mailing documents as an attachment or as a link
  • Playback of video and audio files
  • Quick posting to a Group Space’s activity stream
  • Message Board support for each Space
  • Improved Discussions user interface, including forward and back buttons for navigating messages
  • Bookmarking your favorite items as icons on the main launcher screens and repositioning icons (for Group Spaces, People, Documents, Document Folders, Discussion Forums, Discussion Topics, and Lists)
  • “Quick Note” feature to write text notes or record audio notes and save them in your Personal Documents on the server
  • Support for multiple servers through the new Accounts feature – switch quickly between different servers or user credentials
  • Support for higher resolution Retina screen graphics and other iOS4.2+ features like printing and backgrounding

The app requires iOS 4.2 or higher and a Patch Set 2 WebCenter Spaces instance or higher. Check out the official documentation for more details.



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