Your iPhone is Tracking You

By way of David Dorf (@dordav), comes the uneasy truth about cellular devices, in this case, the iPhone or 3G iPad you’re toting.

Got an iPhone or 3G iPad? Apple is recording your moves – O’Reilly Radar

This story is all over the place today, and it’s not like this is unique to iOS devices. You wish.

I was immediately reminded of another recent story of the same ilk. German politician Malte Spitz successfully sued Deutsche Telekom to get access to the data they had collected about his whereabouts.

Then, he published his data as an example for others.

The lat/long coordinates plotted on a map, combined with phone data and data from Twitter and other sources could give a very accurate portrayal of Herr Spitz’ life, probably better than he could remember if asked to do so.

You knew this already though, right? Does it matter?

Richard Stallman looks even smarter now.

Not scared yet? Check out this other gem about the possibility that Michigan police are using a device that can copy data off your phone in mere minutes, unbeknownst to you.





  1. People may not notice it, Android OS is not the only product to collect our location data, Google street view cars, Google Maps, Chrome all have been recording our information. I have made a few online tools to query our location data in Google server, and find that Google actually knows more than we think.
    You can use the the tool to check if Google is watching you as well here

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