Well Hello There, Oracle Social Network Videos

Remember OpenWorld last year, specifically the keynote announcing Oracle Social Network? Remember how I told you that OSN was part of the WebCenter family?

Well, if your interest is still piqued, check out the following videos and get a more detailed preview of OSN.

First, check out the OSN Fusion CRM integration:

Next, see how OSN manages team collaboration around files:

Finally, here’s working from anywhere at anytime, showcasing the OSN add-in for Outlook:

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  1. I was a big fan of Oracle On Track – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLnOctBXt1Q
    Kinda dissapointed with the new UI and direction Social has gone with its simpler UI approach..

    I believe Social should be the engine with a nice advanced UI that incoporates its powerful features within a simpler UI for portlets to Portal, Sites, CRM that developers can manage…

    The guys behind Social are awesome; Im so glad with the direction and technology stack they chose!

  2. Wait, you’re disappointed w a simpler UI? I don’t think you want an advanced UI for social. It’s got to be quick and easy for both consumption and publishing. After all, it’s hard enough driving people to use it in the first place.

    OT is great, but putting the main data entry field in the bottom right has always been a head-scratcher for me. 

  3. You think users are going to use social directly?
    Maybe I’ve been in the portal mashup world too long now; but I see social as more of an engine and being consumed into a portlet to CRM, Spaces, Sites etc with the simpler UI to work with.

    The advanced UI of On Track should of remained and should of only been renamed Social.
    Maybe there were a few more UI improvements needed in On Track but if you compare it with Social its a new animal 😉

    I’m looking forward to socials future; but not sure I can see organisations just using the Social application to interact with unfortunately; it needs more meat.

    Saying that performance is amazing; response time is great and overall a great tool to track and collaborate on I especially like the repository integration with UCM ability and unless its been dropped I did like the telephone integration which I havent seen any videos for… Im sure its still in there

  4. An activity stream is the new portal, been saying that since 2008. We’re saying the same thing, except I think your portal uses portlets whereas mine uses filters.

    Oh, and mine uses a publisher for everything vs. each portlet offering a different mechanism.

    There is no advanced UI, only lack of feature discipline.

  5. Then, the biggest challenge becomes providing filters without overwhelming the user w too many choices and customizations for fiddling. Portals are evolving in this direction.

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