The US Tour Continues

The AppsLab US tour will be making another stop in Seattle this week, as I’m heading to the ICMI-ACCE conference to work the exhibit hall floor.

For the uninitiated, like me, ICMI stands for International Customer Management Institute, and ACCE, their annual show, stands for Annual Call Center Exhibition. I’ll be showing Oracle Social Network (OSN), the web and iPad versions, and talking generally about Oracle Public Cloud (OPC), on the demo floor both days of the show.

ACCE is a pretty small show, at least compared to the big events I usually attend for Oracle, so it’ll be an interesting chance to interact in a more cozy environment. This conference targets an attendee group that I don’t usually talk to, i.e. contact center and customer service professionals, another plus.

I’ll also get to show OSN for the first time (for me, not the product), and this has been great practice. Although we’ve been using OSN internally for quite a while, I haven’t got a chance to touch and feel the Fusion CRM and HCM integrations, and preparing for the show has brought me up to speed with OPC and its various offerings.

So, lots of pluses for me, and I suppose, for you too, if you’re going to be at the conference.

On the off-chance that you’ll be in Seattle for the show, or otherwise, hit me up in comments, always great to meet readers IRL.



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