A Minor Programming Note

Over the years, this blog has been dominated by yours truly. For better or for worse, I account for nearly 90% of the posts here.

I’m hoping to change that over the coming months by offering (read begging) some Friends of the ‘Lab to let me repost some of their best content here and ideally, guest post when they have interesting content.

This is not without precedent. You may recall we’ve had several guest authors here over the years, Ultan O’Broin (@ultan), Matt Topper (@topperge), Luc Glasbeek (@lucglasbeek), and John Yopp (@johnyopp).

Additionally, you’ll be seeing more from Noel (@noelportugal) as he documents his crazy hacks and his developer advocacy-related globetrotting, with pictures and video to prove it happened.

In short, read the by-line because I’m hoping to mix up the content and provide some much-needed new blood to this space. Keep an eye out for more technical WebCenter content too.

As always, find the comments to add your two cents.



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