Help Bex Choose a Topic for His Collaborate 2013 Deep Dive

Friend of the ‘Lab Bex Huff (@bex) is running an interesting experiment. He’s soliciting ideas for the deep dive he and Bezzotech will be giving at Collaborate 2013, which is April 7-11 in Denver.

This session will be on Sunday of the show, hosted by the IOUG’s WebCenter Special Interest Group.

I like this idea because it helps close the loop between attendees and presenters. If you’re like me, when you map out what sessions to attend at a conference, you start with ones that definitely interest you and then fill in the time around them. Usually, the Sunday before a big show starts is sparsely attended, so if you’re planning to attend that day, this is your chance to have input into what’s presented.

Interested? Here’s how to give suggestions:

If you always wanted to know something crazy about how WebCenter works, please take our survey so we know what to present. You can also leave a comment, email us at info at, or send it to me directly. We’ll tally up the requests and let the WebCenter faithful decide what our talk will be!

Related, if you ever needed more reason to attend a chat given by Floyd Teter (@fteter), he did this for a talk he gave at Alliance 2012, ad-hoc, during the session. What a great way to reward people for attending your session, give them exactly what they want at that exact minute.

Too bad I missed that one.




  1. Thanks, Jake! I hope this turns out well… if I don’t get much consensus from the WebCenter community, I’m probably just gonna do performance tuning…

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