Messing around with Glass and Fusion CRM for Kscope 13

As Anthony (@anthonyslai) mentioned yesterday, we’ve been experimenting with his new toy, Google Glass.

It’s our job as a research team to investigate emerging technologies and explore how they might affect the users of Fusion Applications in the near and long-term future. So, don’t get ahead of yourself, this is a research project, not product. We’re just having fun with out new toy.

Jeremy and I will be speaking at Kscope 13 next week on Monday morning, and like Noel (@noelportugal) did with the WebCenter Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots at last year’s Kscope, we wanted to do something interesting and entertaining to get people’s attention.

And Google Glass tends to get attention, both positive and negative. I’ve seen the reactions up close and personal, walking around Silicon Valley with Anthony, and I expect that outside the vacuum of the Valley, we’ll get even more sideways looks, especially from the highly technical audience at Kscope.

So, Glass seemed like a good fit. For the demo, we decided to tell a story about a Glass-toting sales rep using Fusion CRM. What would she use Glass to do? How could we fit Glass into her daily tasks?

The former was pretty easy to answer, given how limited Glass’ feature set is at the moment. The story goes like this:

Our sales rep, let’s call her Lucy, attends lots of customer meetings. Prior to a meeting, Glass reminds Lucy of the meeting. Using Glass, she can get turn-by-turn directions and browse news about the company she’s visiting.

She can see who is attending the meeting and can call or text these contacts to do last minute preparation or to let them know if she’s running late.

During the meeting, she can dictate notes with Glass to capture action items or to-dos, and take pictures of the white board or hand-written notes which she can share with her sales team on G+ and upload to Fusion CRM to attach to the customer record or an opportunity.

After the meeting, Lucy can search for the customer record or opportunity to make basic updates, and since the meeting was a success, she can search for nearby restaurants, call and use Glass to navigate there.

Super basic, I know, but Anthony put all this together in about two weeks, working around the limited feature set of Glass, including the insane 1,000 requests-per-day limitation.

Anyway, to reiterate, this isn’t product. It’s just a fun project that Anthony threw together for me to show at Kscope. So, if you’re at Kscope and want to check out Google Glass and this demo, find Jeremy and me Monday at 8:30 AM. Here are our session details:

Oracle Fusion & Cloud Applications: A Platform for Building New User Experiences

Monday, June 24, 2013, Session 1, 8:30 am – 9:30 am

Do your users keep bringing new gadgets to work? Not just the latest tablets and smartphones, but wearable smart devices, and even cyborg-like glasses? Your users are no longer tied to their PCs, and neither are enterprise applications. See how Oracle’s Applications User Experience team is bringing Fusion Applications data to new devices and platforms. Find out what technology trends we are paying attention to, and what our own applications developers are exploring for the future.

Over the next few months, Anthony will work on refining the demo, and if you’re attending UKOUG Tech 13 in December, he might be there to show off what he’s done, assuming his session is accepted.

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