Saying Wearables in Spanish

Friend of the ‘Lab, Bob Rhubart (@otnarchbeat) recently recorded a segment with our own Noel (@noelportugal) and Sarahi Mireles (@sarahimireles), a UX developer from our Mexico Development Center.

The topic was wearables, but I only know this because they told me. Google Translate wasn’t very helpful, unless “Manos libres y vista al frente: Con el futuro puesto” means “Handsfree and front view: With the future since.”

Anyway, enjoy.

Update: Noel pointed me to an English version on the same topic.




  1. I’ve proposed a multilingual meetup for OTN Lounge. Maybe a Hangout from the event would meet the requirement. Y’know, fire up a few Ipads with different language versions of the SUI and get people to talk about the UI etc, what’s hot in their countries, issues, etc.

    Lots of possibilities… leave it with me.

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