Google Glass and First World Problems

If you have Google Glass, you’ve probably seen this card a few times.


After a while, you begin to expect the card when your right temple starts to get uncomfortably warm. Apparently, Anthony (@anthonyslai), our resident Glass expert and long-time Glass Explorer, has a protip to handle this problem, two cans of cold soda.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.57.39 AM

Ultan’s (@ultan) Glass cooling off

I guess Ultan (@ultan) first encountered this clever solution while Anthony was presenting at the EchoUser Wearables Design Jam a couple weeks ago.

Now I have an efficient way to solve this decidedly First World Problem.





  1. Instructions unclear: does the soda have to be Diet Coke and Fanta? Also should I not have opened the cans first? Glass now completely covered in coke.

  2. @Joyce: Diet Coke has a specific density that optimally cools the Glass when shielded by aluminum. Fanta is just showing off.

  3. Does the aluminum serve an added bonus in that you can immerse a beacon inside the can when you want its signals to be dampened? lol

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