Our Very Own Wearable

Noel (@noelportugal) and Raymond have been hard at work building a custom wearable, a.k.a. the secret OpenWorld project. The finished product is ready for a closeup.

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The components are:

The Bean is an amazingly little board, Arduino-compatible with a Bluetooth Low Energy module, plus an RGB LED and an 3-axis accelerometer.

I can’t tell you what we’re doing with this custom wearable, yet, but it will happen during OpenWorld. If you’ll be at the big show, OpenWorld or JavaOne, you’ll have a chance to see it in action and chat with the guys who built it.

Oh, and Noel will be writing up the details of the build, the story behind it and the journey, as well as all the nerdy bits. Stay tuned for that.




  1. Do you possibly have some “open world” wearables left? They would be very useful in some experiments we are currently setting up in our Emotion Regulation Lab!

  2. @Robin: Unfortunately, these wearables are not leaving our team. We use them for R&D purposes, and the people who used them returned them when they finished.

    Appreciate the interest. You could build your own using the board from Punch Through.

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