Look What We Made

As a team-building activity for our newly merged team of research, design and development, someone, who probably wishes to remain nameless, organized a glass mosaic and welding extravaganza at The Crucible in Oakland.

We split into two teams, one MIG welding, the other glass breaking, and here’s the result.

Original image, glass before firing.

Original image, glass before firing.

Finished product, including frame.

Finished product, including frame.

All-in-all an interesting and entertaining activity. Good times were had by all, and no one was cut or burned, so bonus points for safety.




  1. The glass part is truly beautiful, but I feel like the frame is a little bit like the kind of thing that a kid makes for their parents… we tried our best, and we had fun! But the welds that you can’t see, on the back of the frame, holding the 4 pieces together, are actually truly impressive– Ben did those. 🙂 Apparently his grandfather was a welder.

  2. I would like Mark and Noel to explain their artistic intent behind the shapes. My suspicion is that their motive was “mess around using the plasma cutter” instead of following the visual design “specs” that we all agreed upon before the welding process began. 😉 I do like the outcome, though, even though it’s not to spec, and perhaps it is a more accurate representation of our group… lol

  3. @Ultan: I heard about that. Jatin took his team there too. Love me some TechShop. Wrote about it here at some point before the one in PDX closed.

    @Joyce: I think the piece as a whole does represent our team’s variety.

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