Noel’s Amazon Echo Hack

Noel (@noelportugal) is one of a handful of early adopters to get his hands on the Amazon Echo, Amazon’s in-home personal assistant, and being the curious, hacker that he is, of course he used an unpublished API to bend Alexa, that’s the Echo’s personality, to his will.

Video, because it happened:

And look, Noel’s hack got picked up by Hackaday (@hackaday), kudos. You can grab his code on GitHub.

We’re hoping Amazon releases official APIs for the Echo soon, lots of great ideas on deck.




  1. There are so many possibilities. I really want it to integrate with SmartThings and Sonos at the house. Would make a ton of stuff much simpler. Also, calendar integration with google would knock it out of the park for me. Really hoping Amazon is listening.

  2. @Topper: Indeed, love my Sonos, got a Play 1 for Christmas to go w my Play 3. Watching CES, Google (via Nest) seems to be creating a partner ecosystem, but guessing they won’t partner w Amazon anytime soon.

    Consolidation is inevitable and will be awesome when it finally arrives in a useful way, to your point about GCal.

    Oh and I’m waiting for more details on Pombe 🙂

  3. Limited Hue integration is now native!

    However, the hacking community is still ahead of Amazon…for a bit.

    Check out Zach Feldman’s repo on GitHub. It has integration for Uber, Google Calendar, and support for Hue scenes and light colors.

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