Lots of OAUX Updates

While I spent June wrapping up conference season at OHUG and Kscope, Ultan (@ultan), Misha (@mishavaughan) and company (@usableapps) have been busily publishing content.

This here is a wrap-up of that content, but let’s be honest. If you like OAUX content, you really should follow the official blogs of OAUX: Usable Apps in the CloudVoXuser experience assistance: cloud design & development.

Oh and follow @usableapps too. That’s done, so let’s get recapping.

Strategy Anyone?

Over on VoX, you can read all about Oracle’s Cloud Application user experience strategy in three short posts.

In the first part, read about how we apply Simplicity, Mobility, Extensibility to Cloud Applications. In part two, read about big-picture innovation and how it drives our Glance, Scan, Commit design philosophy. Finally, in the big finish, read about how we ap
ply all this to designing and building experiences for our cloud users.

As a bonus, our team, our projects and our strategic approach to emerging technologies are mentioned in each post. So, yay us.


More Apple Watch

You’ve read our takes, and Ultan’s, on the Apple Watch, and now our GVP, Jeremy Ashley (@jrwashley) has shared his impressions. Good stuff in there, check it out if you’re looking for reasons to buy a smartwatch.


Not convinced of the value? Longtime friend of the ‘Lab, David Haimes (@dhaimes) might have what you need to go from cynic to believer.

We Heart APIs

Channeling his inner Mark (@mvilrokx), Ultan has a two-minute tech tip for Bob Rhubart of OTN (@OTNArchbeat) about APIs, how valuable they are, and how good ones make all the difference.

We love us some APIs, especially the good ones. Developers are users too.

Speaking of APIs and developers, check out two videos that tie developer use cases with PaaS4SaaS.

Big Finish, ERP Cloud and Cake

And finally, let’s finish with some ERP Cloud goodness, a post on UX, ROI and cake and a post on cake starring David.


Told you they’ve been busy.



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