OAUX Emerging Technologies in Profit Magazine

The August 2015 edition of Profit Magazine (@OracleProfit) includes a nice piece called “The Explorers” highlighting the work of our team and that of JD Edwards Labs.


This article is nice companion piece to our strategic approach to emerging technologies and how we apply the “Glance, Scan, Commit” design philosophy to our work.

I’m honored to be quoted in the article and proud to see our little team getting this level of recognition.

If you want to learn more about the R&D projects mentioned, you’re in luck. You can read about the Glance framework and approach and see a quick video of it in action on several smartwatches, including the Apple Watch.

Be sure to read the sidebar, “Moon Shots” which mentions our Muse (@ChooseMuseresearch and our Leap Motion (@LeapMotion) investigations and development projects.

If you want to see some of these emerging technologies projects in person, register to visit the OAUX Cloud Exchange at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, or come tour the new Cloud UX Lab at Oracle HQ.



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