Another Home for Our Stuff

I’m very pleased to announce that our colleague and friend Kathy recently pushed live a page on under the OAUX section, dedicated to our Emerging Technologies team and our work.

Our new home, circa 2015.

Our new home, circa 2015.

Big moment for us. I feel like a made guy.

Don’t worry. This little blog will continue to be our home and stream of consciousness, but now, we have another, more structured home, focused on our projects and thinking.

Like that’s our home, all neat and organized, and this is our garage, where we tinker and talk about interesting stuff, all disorganized, with exposed wires and cracked open cases.

Anyway, the content there won’t be as fluid as what you read here, but it won’t be a static collection. We’ll keep it updated as we progress on our projects and find new shiny objects to chase.

Huzzah for us. Thanks our GVP Jeremy (@jrwashley) Misha (@mishavaughan), head of the OAUX Communications and Outreach team, and everyone who has made this possible. Enjoy.



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